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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

A hair tattoo or scalp micropigmentation (SMP for short) is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a bald head or density to a thinning crown. The procedure can also be used to conceal scars from hair transplantation and hide the visual impact of burns or scars on the head. Scalp micropigmentation can be performed on all ethnicities. This procedure does not involve local anesthesia during the procedure. In contrast to traditional tattoos, this treatment is superficial in that it penetrates the epidermal level of the skin, and ink is deposited in the upper dermal level of the skin in order to avoid macro impressions. The advantages of this procedure is that the hairline can be adjusted or touched up with relative ease. This procedure can also work for beards. You can forget about hair loss, look younger and regain your confidence. Stop hiding under your hat, using messy hair fibres, sprays, medication or hair systems. This procedure is much easier to maintain!

Preparing for treatment

Please moisturise your scalp all over including the sides and top 2 times per day for the 3 days prior to your appointment. It is important that your skin is in a good condition ready for your treatment and moisturising will help to soften the skin. Failure to moisturise can result in your treatment being postponed.


Please cut your hair prior to appointment. If you are not great at cutting your own hair, we recommend seeing a barber no sooner than 3 days before the appointment.

Please do not wet shave (bic cut) your head prior to treatments.

Ideally use grade 0 cut with clippers.

Its always best for Taz to see a little bit of the natural hair

to gauge what hairline would suit you.


It is important that you alert us of any allergies you may have at your earliest convenience before treatment, especially any allergies to any hair dyes, inks, or pigments.

Pain Relief
Although most clients do not describe the SMP treatment as painful whatsoever, some do describe a mild discomfort. If you feel that you may be susceptible to discomfort, we recommend that you take paracetamol and bring these along with you to your appointment. Please do not use any pain relief, which may thin your blood such as aspirin.

It is important to remember the key points of aftercare to gain the best results from your treatment. These are: no washing or wetting your scalp for 4 days after each treatment, no shaving of your hair for 4 days after each treatment, and no swimming or saunas for 30 days after each treatment. Make sure that you avoid any physical effort that can make you sweat as well. Sweating can prevent the scalp from healing correctly, so don't go to the gym or for a jog in the park for a minimum of 5 days. Another thing you should remember is to avoid swimming in pools, lakes, seas or rivers. Swimming can expose your scalp to salty water or chlorine and this can ruin the results of your micropigmentation procedure. You are not allowed to swim for up to 30 days since your last procedure.
You can shave your head 4 days after each treatment. Make sure that you use an electric rotary shaver as this tool causes minimal disturbance on your scalp pigments.
You can take a light shower but with a mild sulfate free shampoo.
Starting with day 4, you can apply small amounts of water on your head. It's ok to take a quick, light shower, but stay away from sulfate shampoo. Shower with luke warm water to prevent the scalp from sweating.

If you must work out, do minimal physical activities. Lift a few light weights and don't go for a complete cardio session as this will make you sweat too much.

You can resume your normal activities 7 days after your treatment.

Additionally, keep track of your symptoms after each procedure. Mild redness with minimal swelling is normal during the first days after your micropigmentation session, but if the swelling is severe, contact your doctor as this could be the sign of an infection.
Fever is another symptom of infection and it shouldn't be ignored.


- Scalp Micropigmentation from £500.

Price is split over the 3 recommened sessions.

Session 1 - £200

Session 2 - £200

Session 3 - £100

Any further sessions that are needed are charged at £100 a session

until treatment complete. Normally only 3 sessions are needed

but depending on aftercare routine, lifestyle, head size

and skin type sometimes further sessions are needed.

- Density infill from £300

Please contact us if you are interested in this procedure


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