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Areola Tattooing

Most people who have areola tattoos are survivors of breast cancer who have undergone a single or double mastectomy. Those who carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations and undergo preventative mastectomies are also suitable candidates for this treatment. Although a realistic areola can be created on a flat chest, most post-mastectomy clients will have their breasts reconstructed with implants for as natural an appearance as possible, with a 3D hyper-realistic areola finishing off the look perfectly.

There are plenty of other medical and cosmetic reasons for the procedure, however. Clients may have had a breast augmentation or reduction and experienced scarring or a change in their body’s appearance. They may simply have pale, small or uneven areolas which need correcting or darkening, and even inverted and flat nipples can have their appearance improved.

There will also be clients who have undergone gender confirmation surgery, that want to either replace their lost areolas and nipples or to feminise the ones they have, as well as those who have had gynecomastia surgery and need reconstruction.

For people whose lives have been changed by cancer, scarring or transitioning, this procedure can mark the end of a long and difficult journey. It’s hard to understate the emotional effect of regaining a part of your body but clients usually find that it helps them to restore body confidence. It may even become a symbol of new beginnings in a body that feels theirs again – after years of surgery and treatments they didn’t choose, an areola tattoo can be the first big choice they make after recovery.

Side Effects of Areola Tattoos

It’s completely normal to experience slight swelling and redness after the tattoo, and you may feel like your skin is “tight” or pulled taut. Scabbing and flaking is also to be expected, so don’t be alarmed if your healing ink looks patchy or feels hard to the touch.

As with any tattoo, there is always the risk of side effects. The worst case scenario is your areola tattoo becoming infected, which could cause more swelling, prolonged redness, and pain. Keep an eye out for less common symptoms like fever and muscle aches as well, as these are signs that something is going wrong in the healing process.

And if you’re considering an areola tattoo as a survivor of breast cancer, you can rest easy knowing that the ink does not increase the risk of cancer reoccurrence (or occurrence, for that matter). If you’re undergoing radiation, however, it’s suggested that you refrain from getting inked until the process is complete.

This procedure can also be used to correct uneven symmetry, uneven colour pigmentation and reduce scar appearance.

Please get in contact for a FREE consultation. Prices are below:


Realistic 3D illusion of  areola

Natural Areola Enhancement – single £150 / double £300

Natural Heart Shape Areola  – single £150 / £300

3D Areola Reconstruction – single £250 / double £500

*10 week follow up (required) – single £100 / double £200

Nipple Replacement with Picture - Price depends on detail. Please contact for a quote.


*A 10 Week follow up appointment is required. All of our semi permanent makeup requires 2 sessions to complete. This seals in the pigment for as long as possible and enables Taz to to see your healed results and make final adjustments needed to your areola tattoo.

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