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Terms and Conditions

for getting tattooed at Ruby Lou’s Tattoo Studio:

In order for us to stay open and be able to operate safely we are going to have to follow some COVID guidelines so we are all safe. We will expect everyone to follow these rules until further notice:

  • We are closing our doors to the public and will be operating as a private studio, therefore no walk in bookings will be taken within the shop. As Taz works alone now she cannot stop to answer questions/ book people in if she is tattooing. If you would like to discuss a tattoo design or booking, please contact us via email or the Ruby Lou's Facebook page.

  • Providing a clean and hygienic studio is always one of our main priorities at Ruby Lou's. We are consistently thorough and diligent with our cleaning standards and have recently implemented a more vigorous routine within our common areas in effort to remain a safe and healthy environment.

  • Face masks MUST be worn at all times in the studio! (Even if exempt, due to the close contact nature of the business).

  • Due to the fact we are working in close contact, we will require clients and staff to wear a mask whilst getting tattooed. This is purely to protect clients, staff and our families, until further notice. We thank you for your understanding and we are doing all we can to keep Ruby Lou's Tattoo Studio a safe place to get tattooed in. When Taz gives you a break for tea or coffee, she will move away from you so you can take your mask down (Tattoo clients only, brow clients cannot have caffeine before having brows done).

  • Please come to your appointment ALONE. If you require someone to be with you for health reasons we will have to book you in when the pandemic is over. If you have an appointment as a couple booked after one another with the same artist, you will have to come in separately! The studio is only small and can feel quite claustrophobic for Taz if there is more than one person in there. We hope you understand and apologise for any inconvenience.  There is a small waiting area outside our room where one person can wait but it's best for them to wait in the car if you bring someone with you.

  • From 14th April parking is no longer free at Basepoint. Parking is paid for via an app (The APP is called "Your Parking Space" and all info is on the signs in the car park). The first hour is free. After this, the prices are: 75p for 2 hours, £1.50 for 3 hours or £3.00 for all day. If it's a weekend you could park outside Basepoint on the public road to avoid charges as its quiet at weekends.

  • If you find yourself feeling unwell, have a cough or fever, or have been exposed to anyone experiencing symptoms, please get in contact with us to rearrange your appointment and continue to self isolate. Most of our artists have quite busy schedules but we will try our best to book you back in as soon as we can, with this being said, we will not rebook your appointment within 14 days of any displayed symptoms.

  • 48 hours notice must be given to postpone a tattoo/ brow appointment or you WILL lose your deposit.

  • Consent forms will now be sent to you before your appointment. Amendments have been made to the consent form to allow questions regarding COVID to be added. If you don't fill in a consent form and send it to us on the morning of your appointment we wont be able to tattoo you!

  • We will be taking your temperature (via a non-contact Thermometer to the forehead) on arrival to ensure you are OK to get tattooed on the day. If you have any issues with this please tell us at the time of booking!

  • To use INKPAY to spread the cost of your payment you have to sign up to the app and also tell Taz the week before your appointment so she can set it up for you our end. There is a 9 % charge to use Ink pay on top of the cost of the tattoo and the first payment is taken out on the day of the tattoo, then spread out over an agreed time. Please see the InkPay website for more details. If you come to your appointment wanting to use Inkpay but havent followed the correct steps, InkPay wont pay Taz and you risk your appointment being cancelled and your deposit being lost. Deposits to book a tattoo have to be paid upfront and cannot be paid for via Ink Pay.

  • If you need food you may go to the local Aldi or Garage but you have to consume this outside the premises and dispose of your rubbish outside in the bin. Hot food is not allowed in the studio.

  • Any customer that has a recurring cough (even if its not COVID related) will have to wait until this pandemic is over to book in as we cannot chance risking our safety! We are not doctors and this could appear to be a symptom of COVID to us (Sorry 😭)

  • Please bring your own clean mask which must be worn through out the tattoo procedure. We can provide one at a small charge.

  • We will be wearing PPE, in addition to what we already use as standard, as advised by the government (gloves, masks, etc..) Please make us aware prior to your appointment if you have any latex allergies so we can get Nitrile gloves to use for your tattoo

  • Upon arrival you will be asked to use the alcohol gel provided and your temperature will be taken.

  • We will use disposable items where possible and will highly disinfect any and all tools for each client!

  • All surfaces and tools will be cleaned and disinfected between appointments as well as washing our hands regularly.

  • Only customers with tattoo appointments will be allowed in the studio. If you have an enquiry you have to contact us by phone/ email or Facebook messenger.

  • Deposits for booking in must be made to your tattoo artist directly via bank transfer only. On the day of your appointment, tattoo payments can be made to the tattoo artist directly via bank transfer, card or cash.

  • In line with Government guidelines, if you attend your appointment exhibiting any symptoms of a cold, flu or virus we will have to turn you away. If this occurs, your deposit will be forfeited and a new one required to secure another appointment.

  • Bank Transfer/Cards/ Cash are accepted only for payment on the day once the tattoo is done. There is a 2% charge to use the card machine.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another customer.

  • Deposits will be forfeited if you cancel the appointment (we can reschedule your appointment to a later date, but to keep deposit you must reschedule straight away)

  • You may reschedule your booked tattoo appointment twice. If you move it a third time you will lose deposit and must do a fresh booking with a new deposit.

  • If you change your mind on the tattoo design from the one you originally booked in for and it is more work, you may need a second appointment to finish the tattoo.

  • All prices/ quotes given before the tattoo appointment are estimates only. This is because your tattoo could take more or less time than quoted for and there are multiple factors that affect this. Tattoos can sometimes take longer than expected so a second or third session etc.. may be needed to finish the tattoo.

  • You will be expected to disclose any information about health conditions and medications for us to be able to tattoo you. Certain Medical conditions, medication or medical history means we may not be able to tattoo you.

  • The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get a tattoo. Parental consent is not accepted. You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed. If you look underage, we will need to see ID before we tattoo you. ID accepted is a Passport or Driving Licence only.

  • We will NOT tattoo anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Do not drink alcohol, take Aspirin or Ibuprofen 24 hours before your tattoo as it can affect the way the tattoo heals.

  • We do require a consent form is filled out on the day of the tattoo. This must be done every time you get tattooed, in case situations have changed. Forms must be filled out honestly to the best of your knowledge. The correct consent forms will be emailed to you by our diary system so please keep an eye out for this (check your junk folder just in case).

  • Children under 18 are NOT allowed in the studio at any time!

  • Touch ups on tattoos are NOT free of charge. You will be required to pay normal rates if a touch up is needed. So, it is important that you look after your tattoo!

  • We will not be held responsible for any issues that occur once you leave the studio with your new tattoo. How it heals is down to you and your aftercare routine.

  • We will NOT tattoo anything that can be deemed racist/ homophobic or generally offensive.

  • You won’t receive your design until the day before or sometimes we will show you the design on the day of the appointment and any small changes can be made then, so please make sure you are clear with your artist what you want tattooed at the time of booking.

  • We will NOT tattoo hands/ necks/ faces or fingers if you don't have any tattoos already.

  • If you are late to your appointment you will still be charged from the arranged start time of the appointment. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment and keep the deposit if you arrive late and leave insufficient time to complete the tattoo.

  • Appointments cannot be reserved without a deposit. Once deposits are received, we can book you in and it secures the appointment. Please book your tattoo/ brows on a day where you have no immediate plans after in case the procedure takes longer than planned

  • All prices/ quotes given before the tattoo appointment are estimates only. This is because your tattoo could take more or less time than quoted for and there are multiple factors that affect this.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to tattoo you if we feel there is a good reason. We have the right to refuse to do any tattoos we are not comfortable with doing.

  • We will not accept abusive behaviour towards any of the Ruby Lou’s staff members.

  • We cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

  • Gift Vouchers must be paid for via bank transfer (BACS). They are valid for a year from the purchase date.

  • We can accept gift vouchers as tattoo deposits but in the event of not showing up to your appointment without contacting your artist, the FULL amount of your voucher will be used as forfeit

  • Your tattoo design will be based off of your reference material and not an exact replication as all of our artists provide original artwork and will NOT copy another tattoo artist's work.

  • If you fail to attend your appointment, without having contacted the studio, you will lose your deposit in full and any future tattoo appointments that you have already booked in the diary will be automatically cancelled.

  • It is advised to drink a lot of water the weeks leading up to your tattoo as it helps hydrate the skin and will make the tattooing/ healing process easier.

  • It is your responsibility to care for your new tattoo and follow the artist's advice. We only recommend using aftercare products which are specifically made for tattoo aftercare. We will provide you with aftercare instructions to let you know how to look after your tattoo and we sell aftercare cream at the studio that is the best on the market and completely Vegan friendly.

  • Hot Food must be consumed outside of our studio.

  • When you book in for your tattoo or piercing, you are booking with that specific artist/ piercer. This means that all monies go directly to that artist/piercer, if that person moves premises you must contact them directly and not Ruby Lou's.

Whilst some people may feel these policies are inconvenient, we feel they are necessary to continue providing a safe working environment for both our clients and staff. All of us here at Ruby Lou's live with people we need to protect and it is our job to keep you, them and ourselves safe whilst maintaining an income. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate get in touch.

We thank you in advance for following these rules :)