Piercings by Jesse

Jesse is now doing piercing at Ruby Lou's. Due to the COVID restrictions she cannot take walk ins but you can pre-book an appointment by contacting us

Price list

Ear Lobe Single £25 Pair £35

Ear – Tragus, Helix, Conch, Snug, Rook,

Forward Helix and Anti-tragus £30

Daith £40

Industrial/Scaffold £40

Navel/Belly £35

Eyebrow £35

Nipple Single £35 Pair £50

Piercing Aftercare

· Before touching the piercing wash your hands thoroughly!

· After two hours take the dressing off the piercing (if your piercing has a dressing).

· Clean the piercing twice a day. We recommend the following for cleaning –

· ¼ of a teaspoon of Hibiscrub diluted in 500ml of warm water

· Do not over-clean the area or use harsh products.

· Never touch the area without having washed your hands thoroughly first!

· Do not touch/play with the piercing unnecessarily.

· Do not change the jewellery before the recommended healing time :

Ear Lobe 4-8 weeks

Ear – Tragus, Helix, Daith, Conch, Snug, Rook,

Forward Helix and Anti-tragus 2-12 months

Industrial/Scaffold 2-12 months

Nostril/Nose 2-6 months

Septum 6-8 weeks

Navel/Belly 6-12 months

Eyebrow 2-4 months

Tongue 4-6 weeks

Lip – Labret, Monroe, Madonna 8-12 weeks

Lip – Vertical labret and Philtrum/Medusa 8-12 weeks

· If you have your tongue, vertical labret or philtrum pierced you will need to come back to us after a week, once the swelling has subsided, to change the jewellery to a shorter length.

· Most importantly if you are not sure about anything regarding your piercing do not hesitate to contact us

Aftercare for tongue piercings

· Use alcohol free mouthwash 3-4 times daily.

· No alcohol or smoking for 1 week - Avoid spicy food.

· Avoiding tea, coffee and dairy products will also help with the healing.

· If tongue is feeling particularly swollen, you can suck on ice cubes or ice lollies to help reduce this.

· Ibroprufen can also help with the swelling if necessary.

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